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10 Keys to Success - Keep Going!

When it comes to achieving “success”, we first have to look within and ask ourselves, “what does success mean to me?” It could be home, family, career, etc. It’s all about vision; when you change your vision, you change your life. If you are someone who is in need of a mindset shift, you are on the right track with this blog.

Here are 10 (actionable and tangible) keys to success:


Knowing yourself and being in tune with your mind and body is one of the best things you can do for your outlook, mindset, and self-esteem. Who wants to be “successful” and miserable? You must prioritize time to be alone with your thoughts. No distractions, no screens, just you and your peace. Take it day by day, start by sitting for five minutes in a quiet setting and work from there. You will start to see a positive difference and learn to love it!


Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is extremely important to the everyday functioning of your mind and body. Not even enough sleep can unbalance your neurochemistry and leads to daily fatigue, anxiety, and even depression. You need to be at your best, and in order to do this, you need to repay yourself with good sleep every night.

Alone Time:

We love our friends and social gatherings so much, of course- it’s exciting! However, we have to love ourselves just as much, and that starts with putting time aside to figure out what it is that you want out of life. Your journey is yours, your path, and your process, so you need to get comfortable being on your own. It’s scary, but it will do wonders for you and your self-sufficiency in the long run.

Good Diet & Exercise:

Now I’m not telling you to hit the gym 24/7, but I am telling you to make a commitment to your health and fitness, and that starts with diet and exercise. You are what you eat, so eat colorful and sustainable food for your body every day. A body in motion keeps moving- so keep moving forward.

Reading & Journaling:

Health and fitness and mind-power go hand in hand because you can’t just exercise the body and not exercise the mind! Read physical copies of books so that you can expand your mind and take a break from screens. After you are done reading, write something, it can be anything- even about what you’ve just read! All that matters is that you allow yourself this time to get back to the fundamentals - you will thank yourself immensely!

Eliminate Distractions:

It’s definitely hard to not be distracted with us being at the mercy of our emails, notifications, and social media, but we need to be proactive and do our best to mitigate distractions while you are working. Put your phone away on silent, turn off notifications, and focus - just for a few hours to get work done. You will feel more esteem in playing hard when you’ve equally worked hard!

Set Long Term Goals & Short-Term Habits:

Wanna know one thing that’s killing your drive? Instant gratification. Once we set goals and do some work it’s natural to want to see results, however, be mindful that real results happen over time. Be consistent, be patient, start small, work your way up, and build better habits along the way. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. Don’t rush the process!

Communication (Voice Your Ideas):

Your voice, what you have to say, your ideas - they matter. Don’t ever forget that. Speak your mind, speak your truth, and don’t ever let anyone silence you. Command your voice. Period.


No one is a jack of all trades, and that’s okay! You cannot go it alone because we need that support from people who are invested in seeing you win just as much as you for them. It’s up to you to build that community of people around you who push you to succeed and inspire you to push through. Remember, a person alone will go fast, a person with a team will go far.


Success is subjective and if you’ve gotten all the way down here, then it’s time to hit you with the hard truth. You will fail. Learn to get comfortable with that, because that is how you grow. You fail, grow, and move on to the next venture better equipped with what you’ve learned. Don’t be afraid of how you will look when you fail and don’t let failure keep you down, instead embrace it, laugh at yourself, learn a lesson, and keep moving forward!


Baldwin Lawson: Media & Communications Contributor

Young Ambitious One, LLC

Career Advice, Business, & Entrepreneurship

I am a finance professional, specializing in consulting, marketing, and content creation. I write about career advice, business, & entrepreneurship. I’m here to learn, motivate, inspire others, and create!


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