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4 Side Hustles You Can Do Anywhere!

1. TaskRabbit

Are you good with your hands and tools? Do you have availability to travel throughout your city? If so, then TaskRabbit may be right for you! TaskRabbit gives people the opportunity to perform tasks such as moving services, furniture assembly, mounting, home repairs, cleaning, delivery and shopping, plumbing, electrical, painting, organizing, etc. at an hourly rate! You set up your own availability, your own pay rate, and you have the ability to accept and deny jobs as you please. TaskRabbit is a great opportunity to leverage your skills! If you have a knack for handy work or if you feel you can arrange and organize someone’s closet, check out TaskRabbit!

2. Fiverr

Do you have skills and services that you are great at? Is it preparing financial statements? Consulting? Resume reviews? Graphic design? Whatever your skill may be, Fiverr gives you the platform to freelance and sell your skills, starting at just $5! This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to not only offer their services but also market and grow their business as well. You can take your Fiverr profile and advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or any platform that you see fit! If you’re good at editing YouTube videos and making intros/outros, editing student essays and resumes, have digital skills, or virtually anything that can be sold online as a niche, then Fiverr may be right for you!

3. Sell Old Furniture

Have you ever walked past a chair on the street that is still in great condition? Maybe an old bar table? If so, then you may have just walked right by an opportunity for you to make a few extra dollars! Furniture flipping, like house flipping, is on the rise. This is because furniture is something that is ALWAYS a need, just think about it. There will always be a piece of furniture that will interest someone, and with this side hustle, all you need is one customer to buy from you every time! That chair you found on the street or at a garage sale, you may want to just clean it up and revamp it to make it look nice. Now, you have a lovely “vintage” chair that you can sell on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or even Craigslist. It’s easy, you just need to be willing to put in the work!

4. Dog Walking (WAG App)

Have you ever seen dogs being walked in the street and thought “aww, so cute! I’d love to walk that dog!” Well, now you can! Dog-walking is a skill that often gets overlooked when in actuality it’s a great way to rake in an extra $500-$1000 every week! There are people who need their dogs to be walked while they are off running errands, doing interviews, away for the day, or in need of some alone time away from their pets. You could be that person who helps them out! “Wag” is an app that gives you the opportunity to sign up and become a professional dog walker and/or doggy caregiver for any given period of time. Once you sign up and go through screening, you can build a great side-hustle all on your own, setting your own schedule, and everything is handled right on the app! If you like dogs and like money, then Wag may be the perfect side hustle and opportunity for you!


Baldwin Lawson: Media & Communications Contributor

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I am a finance professional, specializing in consulting, marketing, and content creation. I write about career advice, business, & entrepreneurship. I’m here to learn, motivate, inspire others, and create!


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