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4 Ways To Maximize Your Downtime: Jobseekers

1. LinkedIn Content:

I’m certain that since you started college you were told to make a LinkedIn. At this point in our professional career, we all have a LinkedIn account, and we know what LinkedIn is. We’re told to optimize our LinkedIn with the most recent accomplishments, accolades, and updates as much as possible. However, what’s the point of doing all of that if you don’t use it to its fullest capacity? LinkedIn is one of the most unsaturated platforms, because there are more people using LinkedIn who are inactive than not. That means it’s very possible to grow your small LinkedIn page into a large following with just a few weeks of consistency posting, engaging, and activity. A large LinkedIn presence can yield larger opportunities for jobs, recruiters reaching out to you, and selling product and services! When you think of a good platform to leverage your professional brand, think of LinkedIn!


2. Up-Skill (LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, HubSpot, & SkillShare):

As we are now, it is important to become what many call a “student of life.” Someone who goes above and beyond what they were taught in school and uses their time to learn new skills and pick up new trades. There are platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, HubSpot, SkillShare where you can learn technical skills such as Adobe Suite, Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling, SQL, and even soft skills such as networking, effective communication, and emotional intelligence training. All of these are really good to do in your free time, because they add value. Getting certified and taking courses are great resume boosters and give you a greater edge for talking points during interviews. The next time you have some free time, think about what are some new things that you can learn online! It may be the key to your next role!


3. Learn How to Invest:

You knew this was coming… and we cannot escape it. Every millionaire has at least 5+ different streams of income, and for every millionaire, investing is one of those streams of income. The goal is not to become rich; the goal is to become financially free and build generational wealth. Yes, those two buzzwords will haunt you for the rest of your life until you finally get to where you need to be. Fortunately for all of us, it’s not hard to get started! One misconception about investing is that you need to know everything, and that is FAR from the truth. The key is being a great investor is finding investments that you are comfortable making whether it’s stocks, bonds, options, REITS, mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, etc., and really focusing on learning it. Once you learn one, you then move on to learn another, and build on from there to diversify your investment portfolio. Learning how to invest is not the daunting skill it used to be for our parents, now with the help of YouTube, free webinars, and eBooks, learning how to invest and picking up a good investment strategy is more than doable, you just need to put in the work!

Note: This is for educational purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. Please speak with your financial advisor for more direct advice.


4. Pick Up a Hobby (not unmonetized):

Unpopular opinion: we are more than our jobs and careers! A hobby can be anything from dancing, journaling, painting, drawing, gardening, birdwatching, food blogging, etc. As we are now, we need hobbies to keep us sane and connected with our most valuable asset- ourselves! Creative hobbies keep us attached to our inner child, and what do we know about children? They need space to have fun and be playful with reckless abandon, and it’s time for you to start giving yourself the same energy. We cannot be all about work 24/7, that will ultimately burn you out and make you unmotivated to work or even keep up with yourself. Think deep and consider things you like to do for fun, and also- don’t monetize that fun, make it something enjoyable for you, and not for gain! You’d be surprised at how happier you are when you tap into your creative side and give yourself respite, with a hobby!


Baldwin Lawson: Marketing, Media & Communications Contributor

Young Ambitious One, LLC

Career Advice, Business, & Entrepreneurship

I am a finance professional, specializing in consulting, marketing, and content creation. I write about career advice, business, & entrepreneurship. I’m here to learn, motivate, inspire others, and create!


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