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Atomic Habits: Activate Your Greatness, Who Do You Want to Become?

Let’s get real for a minute, how many of us have declared New Year’s Resolutions and fell off the wagon one month in? About 10% of Americans follow through with their New Year’s goals. Even I have made promises to myself that I didn’t keep in 2019 or 2020, so I would also include myself in that 90%. However, I made the decision that 2021 would be different. After listening to tons of motivational YouTube videos and reading a number of self-help books on how successful people have accomplished their life goals, I realized that achieving our goals and dreams has more to do with your mindset and nothing to actually do with the goal itself.

2021 is the first year that I would say I truly sat down and decided to make SMART actionable and measurable goals. Thinking about it was overwhelming, how could I possibly plan out an entire year of goals and how would I even achieve all of them? Am I capable of achieving all of them? What questions do you even ask yourself when creating a goal? The main question you need to ask yourself is, Who do I want to become?

When you think about and write down "who you want to become", James Clear recommends creating a system of habits. Make your habits obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. Most of us can agree that we are a product of our environment. Therefore, if we constantly live “without good financial habits, we would as a result most likely struggle financially”. Without good relationship habits, we may find ourselves in toxic relationships. It’s clear the secret to achieving any goal lies within our habits and our habits naturally create our identities. “The goal is not to read a book, the goal is to become a reader.” The goal is not become a CEO of a company, the goal is to become someone who builds and creates things" (Atomic Habits, James Clear).

Who do I want to become? Check out my list below:

- A great daughter, sister, and friend

- Debt-free, working towards financial freedom and generational wealth

- A role model to my little cousins and other young women

- A Business Leader and Philanthropist

Who do YOU want to become in 2021 and beyond?



Sarah Persaud: Project Manager,

Community Management & University Partnerships

Young Ambitious One, LLC

Career Advice and Professional Development

I work in the consulting industry, specializing in accounting, tax, and financial services. I am passionate about personal & professional development, financial literacy, and generational wealth. I enjoy networking with people of all backgrounds and I always seek to add value to everyone I meet.


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