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Leveling Up at The Convention &
Advancing Your Career with Young Ambitious One 

Young Ambitious One (YAO) is a Learning and Career Development platform dedicated to empowering students, professionals, and organizations for success in business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

YAO provides:

  1. Career Advisory Services - For students & professionals: Resume enhancement, interview prep, LinkedIn update, & career advancement coaching

  2. Workshops & Programs - For Schools/Orgs (bring YAO to your schools or company): Interactive professional and career development programs to develop leading talent

  3. Post your jobs at YAO - For Companies (attract diverse talent: Provide students and professionals with access to jobs & opportunities at top companies

We Are Bridging the Opportunity Gap by Empowering Talent
in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship!


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Advance Your Career With YAO

YAO Learning & Career Development Ecosystem

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For Students & Professionals

We provide students and professionals with career advisory for landing jobs at top companies including resume review, interview prep, career advancement planning, and updates on jobs & opportunities.

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For Schools & Organizations

We collaborate with schools and organizations to deliver interactive professional and career development programs for workforce readiness, including soft and technical learning skills, industry insights, and motivation



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For Employers

We assist companies with talent advisory, which may include identifying, engaging, hiring, and retaining talent.

Feedback From Our Clients

YAO Career Advisory

Young Ambitious One is Amazing and helped me to land a new job that was 40K+ more. I highly recommend their YAO Career Advisory Services (BOOK TODAY)!  

- Marva E, Accounting Manager

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