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Employer Advisory

Looking to Connect with Ambitious Talent?

Get access to our YAO Network & Community of talent in business, technologyentrepreneurship, and more.

The YAO Employer Advisory team serves as strategic advisors assisting companies with talent advisory which may include identifying, engaging, hiring, and retaining talent.

Education Advisory: About
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Partner With YAO 


Partner With YAO

Team Meeting

Employer Branding 

Increase your brand awareness to diverse students and professionals, market your company as an Employer of Choice profile, and/or host/sponsor events.  

Post Jobs & Opportunities

Showcase your open roles to a diverse audience of students and professionals, post jobs and opportunities to our job board.

Recruit & Hire Diverse Talent

Diversify your talent pipeline of students and professionals who are interested in your company and roles. Recruit and hire qualified diverse candidates

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