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Roberta Esther

Career Advisor
(Finance and D&I Professional)


College, Early Career, Mid-Career, Diversity & Inclusion, and Haiti Career Transitions


Resume Review, Interview Preparation, Career Development Coaching, Career Advancement Coaching, and Salary Negotiation & Job Offer Review


General/All, Banking & Financial Services, and D&I

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Roberta is a Senior Vice President in Finance with a passion for professional development. With 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, Roberta has had the privilege of leading high performing teams and has been involved in all aspect of identifying, interviewing and onboarding talent from interns to managers. Roberta is known amongst her clients and mentees as a fierce advocate and an advisor that encourages you to take control of your career, continuously increasing your value proposition by taking advantage of on the job learning and certificate programs and most importantly negotiating your salary.

Roberta has helped clients navigate through every step of their career journey. From landing their first internship, to changing industries, to reentry after a gap/after working abroad, to advisement on whether to pursue an advanced degree – Roberta has you covered.

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