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with a Career Advisor!

Career Advisors on our platform aims to provide valuable advice and outstanding service with the singular goal of empowering YOU on your journey to career success, which may include reviewing your resume, preparing for an interview, or providing advice on how to enhance your job search process. Our career advisors provide relevant information tailored to your specific needs, industry, and field of interest.

We have helped countless students and professionals land their dream jobs at top companies, excel at work, and advance their careers.

Bridging the Talent and Opportunity Gap 

 Meet The Career Advisors


Roberta Esther

Career Advisor
(Finance and D&I Professional)

Roberta has helped clients excel through every step of their career journey. From landing their first internship, to changing industries, to re-entry after a gap or after working abroad, to advice on whether to pursue an advanced degree –

Roberta has you covered!


Shanique Richards

Career Advisor
(Recruiter & Certified Resume Writer)

Shanique is dedicated to giving individuals the tools needed to excel in their careers and find the potential they have within. Throughout her career, she has helped clients through every step of the career journey, including resume writing, interview coaching, career changes and salary negotiation.

Wherever you are in your career search, Shanique is there to help you navigate the process. Remember, the difference between your dreams and reality is action!


Yanique Williams

Career Advisor
(Business Strategist & Technology Professional)

Yanique has helped clients navigate through their career development and advancement journey including resume reviews, interview preparation, and career advice.

Regardless of what stage you are in on your career journey, Yanique is there to empower you to activate your greatness!


Danitza Nicolas

Career Advisor
(HR Professional)

Danitza has a passion for the well-being of the workplace's most important asset - Its People. She is known for her patience, organizational skills and helping individuals seek and reach their full potential. She aims to empower you to see that behind every door is an experience that will shape you into the best version of your self.

Also known as the “HR Insider” Danitza will give you the inside scoop on how to Land The Job!

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Career Advisors

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